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What is Switchfoil?

Switchfoil is a foil that you can switch to "open and closed". "Open" (power on) makes the window or panel transparent and gives, therefore, no privacy.  'Closed" (power off) gives an etched glass effect, providing complete privacy. You can switch between these two modes by using the included remote control or with a fixed switch that can be installed. Also in the webshop a power supply is available with dimming function, so that the foil can be adjusted more or less transparently, depending on your wishes.

Product information

  • The seamless Switchfoil is available up to a width of 150 cm and a length of 300 cm.
  • The foil consists of two layers of ITO-film, with an integrated layer of liquid crystal dispersion in between. These crystals react to low voltage.
  • There are different powersupplies, depending on the number of m² to be switched and how you want to switch.
  • There are powersupllies with a build-in receiver and remote control, but also with a wifi socket to control the foil with your smartphone and tablet.
  • The Switchfoil and transformers have a 2-year warranty.
  • Our foil is the brightest of its kind.

The expected lifespan is at least 80.000 hours. This means that, in theory, the Switchfoil could be continuously turned on for a duration of no less than 9 years. It is our advice, however, to switch the foil to the etched glass setting (for example during the night or in the weekends) when it's not necessary. This way you save energy (consumption is less than 5W per m²) and gives the switchfoil a much longer lifespan.

Switchfoil Benefits
  • Privacy with 1 push of a button.
  • Highest transparency.
  • From etched glass to transparent glass and back.
  • Seamless up to 150 x 300 cm.
  • Can be installed on any type of glass or plastic.
  • No other window coverings needed.
  • Easy to install yourself.
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